Jera Inc Models, We aim to provide a talented diverse team of experienced models and creative to cater for all visual needs in the fashion and creative industry


One of our greatest achievements is recognising talent in others and giving them the forum to shine


All of Jera Inc Models staff have backgrounds in the fashion industry and share first hand knowledge with those we serve. Headed by a celebrity red carpet photographer and a creative ambassador, we aim to scout talent above and beyond. We receive many referrals, and our agency is growing exponentially as a result of our ability to understand clients' requests and match them with professionals who best fulfill their needs.

Our scouting agent Another Faces (Switzerland) - builds exceptional links from industry to industry, ensuring models are linked with industry professionals second to none.

Exclusive Team
In House - Photographer - Retoucher - Journalist - Editor - Designer
International Celebrity Red Carpet - Getty Image Photographer - Editor of Another Concept Magazine

In House - Stylist
International Celebrity Stylist

Creative Ambassador
International Creative Ambassador - Creative Director - Production Manager